News 1.3

In details

Much better dots distribution

Version 1.3 offers a new organization of dots for better distribution in light and dark areas of images: when the pattern is generated, the dot distribution calculation is visible for a few seconds.

Pattern Settings window

Dot Area sets the number of pixels that build a dot in the pattern (4, 5, 9, 12 px). For the same lineature, the distribution of dots varies according to the density.

Image Settings window

Clean is an image cleaning filter that removes lonely pixels or badly formed dots (1 → 5 px).

News 1.2

In details

Some bugs have been fixed, including the one that closed the Pattern window when clicking on New.

Pattern window
Shades allows to show the 256 shades of the pattern and sets the background shade accordingly.
Image… shows the Image window or resizes and repositions it by default if the window is already open.

Pattern Settings window › Spirals mode
• The Preview panel has been removed. The spiral pattern building is directly visible in the Pattern window.

Image window
• The Settings... button substitutes Halftone… and opens the Image Settings window.
• The button as been removed. Now, when the Image window is closed, the imported image is deleted.
• The image is displayed in the same time it is calculated.
• The new Sharpen filter allows you to reveal your image details.

Image Settings window

Angle allows decimals with a digit after the decimal point.

Brightness, Contrast and Sharpen are stored in a new Filters panel.

Sharpen Filter
1 px, Intensity 50 → 80 %

Sharpen turns on/off the sharpness filter and accentuates the details of your images according to the thickness chosen.
Intensity sets the Sharpen filtrer intensity.

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