Stochaster was conceived and developed by Justin Bihan.
The project communication is led by Chloé Bernhardt.

Chloé & Justin work together as graphic designers and are also at the initiative of the publishing house Surfaces Utiles alongside with Olivier Bertrand.


2013 → 2018
From the personal project
to public broadcasting.

It was during his studies at EESAB - Rennes that Justin, passionate about issues related to printing raster, began to develop a simple program for his personal needs. Its unique function is to apply random raster to images. Since 2015, he has been expanding his research with the aim of offering a useful interface for future users.


A standalone software.

Stochaster includes the conventional and expected options of image’s rasterization software (screen ruling, half-tone angle, image resolution, etc.) then also features related to stochastic drawing (random pattern) that make it a unique tool. Stochaster was designed for purposes of thinking alternatives to the bitmap conversion modes included by default in most image editing software. Its reaction-diffusion system can produce all kinds of malleable forms. Its advanced options allow it to simulate specific raster, including the « Staccato » type that is used by specialized printers. Stochaster accompanies graphic designers, photographers, printers all sectors, those who want to think their projects in the smallest details or simply go out of their usual ways. Stochaster is under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International. See more.


Stochaster has been programmed on Processing 3.3.6.

Screenshots were made with a MacBook Pro Retina 2013, on MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.2 system. The Stochaster GUI is generated by Java and differs according to the operating system on which it is launched.


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