Stochastic Raster

An infinity of seamless and malleable patterns.

Stochaster is an innovative tool that allows you to generate customizable random patterns to rasterize your images.


Create, model → rasterize.

1., 2.

Create, model

1. Create an endless number of intelligent patterns whose brightness reveals the drawing. Vary their size and get awesome sinuous textures.

2. Model your pattern through the "Pattern Settings" window and explore the different parameters: drawing style, material layers, density.




→ rasterize.

3. Rasterize your image instantly with a simple drag and drop. Your pattern is automatically converted into a raster to merge with it and faithfully translate all of its grey levels. Depending on its resolution, find the best screen ruling, choose a screen angle and finalize your project.


Stochaster 1.1

What’s new?

Many bugs have been fixed, some buttons have been replaced.
In the Image window, the • Preview box allows you to enable/disable continuous preview (for very large images for example).
The main novelties concern the Spirals mode and the Halftone window.

Pattern Settings
Spirals mode

Swing rotates each spiral to give them all the same angle
gives a series of random numbers between the smallest possible number and the number displayed

Advanced options:

Spacing sets the spacing between each spiral
Radius sets the radius of each spiral

The spirals are built by segments whose type of contour must be determined:
Relative the contour thickness varies according to the spirals shape
Absolute the contour thickness is always the same


Brightness sets the image brightness
Fusion becomes • Contrast and sets the image contrast

Dot Gain (add/remove ink)
Makes it possible to unblock dark well-inked areas or to add ink in light areas that are difficult to print:
Shadows add or remove ink (black pixels) in dark areas
Highlights add or remove ink (black pixels) in light areas

Practical guide


In use

Stochaster covers a wide range of creative fields.

Graphic designers, photographers, students, screen printers, printmakers, lithographers, printers from all sectors... Stochaster makes unpublished rasters accessible to all those who want to think their projects minutely.

"Un petit cercle vide", extrait de Délai de grâce de Adelheid Duvanel édité par Vies Parallèles, 2018, Offset et sérigraphie

Mire d’impression Stochaster, Surfaces Utiles, Risographie

Moult Tarde, Axel Benassis, Risographie

Stochastique, multiple de l’Atelier Tout va bien pour les Ateliers Vortex, Sérigraphie sur t-shirt

Chien blanc du nord, serpent noir du midi, Surfaces Utiles, Sérigraphie

Moult Tarde, Axel Benassis, Risographie

Le design procédural, mémoire de fin d’études, Justin Bihan, Laser N&B

Mire d’impression Stochaster, Surfaces Utiles en marges de Super Terrain, Risographie

Détail de l’affiche TULAVU, Super Terrain, Sérigraphie

Stochastique, multiple de l’Atelier Tout va bien pour les Ateliers Vortex, Sérigraphie sur t-shirt


TexTuring and Stochaster, two approaches of the image raster.

Ivan Murit and Justin Bihan, respectively at the initiative of the image processing softwares TexTuring and Stochaster, talk about the divergences and specificities of their projects, with a similar look but with different purposes.



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